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Are you yearning to do more meaningful work?

Eager to lead with more purpose and impact?

Unsure how to tackle big problems or uncertainty?

If you’re nodding, you’re not alone.

You know your business and people are capable of so much more. Yet transformational goals often seem out of reach. 

Meet Cherie Mylordis, a business transformation and leadership consultant with a difference. 

As a sought-after expert in future-fit strategies, Cherie inspires and equips leaders at all levels to amplify their impact and achieve extraordinary outcomes. 

Cherie takes a fresh approach based on:

  • Decades of experience leading groundbreaking transformational change  
  • Experience across diverse organisations and sectors 
  • Globally recognised credentials across established and emerging disciplines 

Now more than ever, we need ambitious leaders to take bold, decisive action. 

Recognising this need, Cherie developed a powerful model, drawing on her extensive experience, in-depth research and insights from global case studies. 

Cherie’s ‘Work in 3D’ approach is about daring to dream bigger, ditching antiquated work practices, and dialling up strategies that help businesses and their people flourish. 

By embracing the 3Ds, you’ll be equipped to do meaningful work, become an employer of choice, and make a real difference. 

Future-fit leaders ‘work in 3D’

Cherie and her team of world-class experts help leaders at all levels embrace future-fit strategies and practices through the Work in 3D – Dare Ditch Dial® model: 

  • Dare to embrace a bold purpose with courage and grace 
  • Ditch outdated practices and emerge stronger 
  • Dial up better ways of working so business and people flourish 


  • A more engaged and productive workforce doing work that matters 
  • Leading purpose-driven transformation programs with real impact 
  • Easily attracting ambitious, motivated talent through a simple ethos: ‘We work in 3D’. 

By embedding the 3Ds, you’ll be equipped to become an employer of choice with a competitive edge to thrive amid volatility.  

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Meet transformational change expert Cherie Mylordis

Cherie is an internationally renowned work futurist, business transformation and leadership advisor based in Sydney.  

With decades of experience driving transformation and innovation for global companies, Cherie guides executives, current and emerging leaders to drive transformational change towards a better future.  

Her programs and coaching activate teams’ full potential with proven frameworks that fuel collaboration, innovation and purpose-led growth. 

Have Cherie inspire your next event

Cherie shares disruptive ideas, success stories and tactical steps igniting change. Her signature down-to-earth yet hard-hitting presentations upend assumptions on how work gets done. 

Known for game-changing and intensely practical keynotes, Cherie provides fresh thinking around leadership, business transformation, innovation and the future of work.  

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We've reached a signpost in the evolution of work

Many of today’s ways of working are not fit for current and emerging challenges. It’s time to choose a new path, not into uncertainty, but towards a better future. 

Cherie illuminates future-fit pathways for purpose-driven transformation initiatives that serve both business and community.  

Join the leaders and organisations who are already doing their best work and changing the world for the better.  

It’s time to nextgenify your organisation.  

Who we’ve worked with

Cherie had an effective way to keep me to deadlines, but in a most supportive way. She understood the competing demands I experienced daily as a CEO running the business whilst going through significant change. Cherie coached me along the process, was accessible at absolutely any time, and helped me push through key activities that were becoming a roadblock.

Madeleine Culbert/CEO, IPAA NSW

Cherie brings her global mindset, knowledge and incredible experience to every interaction. Be ready to do what you previously thought was impossible.

Leonie Rothwell/Director, Sprouta

Seven years into running ExO Sprints, Cherie still holds my number one position as a coach when it comes to the mastery of both professional coaching towards transformative goals, empathy, acceleration of team performance and domain insights.

Add creativity and complex problem solving to the list and hire Cherie right away.

Lars Lin Villebaek/ExO Head Coach and Consultant/Business Founder

Cherie is a wonderful, passionate coach and person. She proactively listens before bringing powerful and pointed insights from her wealth of wisdom. Integrating amazing emotional intelligence with her expertise in Agile, she empowers awesome teams and outcomes.

Trent Wheeler/Growth & Innovation Catalyst/Board Advisor & Coach/Entrepreneur & Board Director

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