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Lead the charge towards purpose driven business

Level-up by working in 3D

The gap between purpose-driven businesses and traditional businesses continues to widen. Today’s customers, employees and investors flock to organisations that create a better world.

The key to future-fit leadership is adopting a contemporary approach we call Work in 3D – Dare Ditch Dial®.  

  • Dare to reimagine your purpose and possibilities
  • Ditch constraints of outdated structures and mindsets
  • Dial up new ways of working that unlock human potential

Organisations that embrace these shifts are achieving incredible results - from stronger employee engagement to delighting customers and making a real impact.

Yet many cling to hierarchical structures and constraints created for the industrial era.

This is where nextgenify comes in.

We guide leaders to start working in 3D through decades of transformation experience. Our framework trains your executives to finally dare to think differently, ditch what holds you back, and dial-up what propels you forward.

The future of work is here. Let’s equip your organisation with proven methods and tools to pull ahead.

Purpose driven leadership

Meet Cherie Mylordis, your catalyst for extraordinary change

Cherie Mylordis, founder of nextgenify, is more than just a business transformation and innovation expert. Cherie is a beacon for leaders who yearn to do more purpose-driven work.

With extensive experience leading complex change programs, Cherie understands your challenges and why many transformation efforts fall short.

Cherie's mission is to empower you and your organisation to achieve extraordinary outcomes.

Her approach translates your leadership goals into impactful, decisive actions, helping you thrive in uncertainty and reach your full potential.

Cherie offers tailored solutions for your unique transformation journey. Her expertise in strategy, innovation, and business agility, combined with a network of top-tier facilitators and specialists, equips you with the tools for unparalleled success.

Are you ready to lead the change?

Let's redefine what's possible for your leadership and your organisation.

How we're different

Elevate business transformation with purpose-driven leadership

Based in Sydney, Australia, nextgenify works with clients everywhere, both in-person and virtually.

Through innovative consulting, coaching and programs, we empower purpose-driven leaders to achieve extraordinary outcomes.

This is our approach:

Learning by doing Creating new experiences that inspire action
Working out loud Keeping progress visible
Fit for purpose Tailored to suit your context, needs and challenges
Integrated methods Expertly curated from established and emerging disciplines
Evidence-based Developed through in-depth research and analysis
Global network Activated through global forums and ecosystems
Our network, masters of working in 3D

Forget the old-school, fixed team approach. At nextgenify we collaborate with world-class experts aligned with our ‘working in 3D’ values.

Our network includes elite coaches, facilitators and specialists handpicked for each project’s unique needs.

With Cherie at the helm, we seamlessly scale for diverse projects, from large workshops to complex transformation programs.

What does nextgenify mean?

nextgenify. verb

To enable extraordinary outcomes that are new, different and measurably better.

The nextgenify name was inspired by these words:
Nextgen. adjective
New, different and measurably better.
A method expected to supersede present-day techniques.
-ify. suffix
Used to form a verb that describes a stated condition.
Making something different in some way.
Extraordinary. noun
Very unusual and special.
Different in type or greater in degree than the usual or ordinary.
Collaboration in action
Here's what our alliance partners and clients say about working with us.

Cherie was both nurturing and inspirational. She instilled confidence and developed the entrepreneurial spirit of the young Thai millennials on the team to become future leaders of the company.

Carmen Lam/former Chief Customer Officer, Ananda

Sprouta has been fortunate enough to work with Cherie Mylordis on multiple deep transformational projects. Cherie has the capacity to integrate multiple approaches to deliver your outcomes. Cherie instils confidence in all key stakeholders and her “learning by doing” approach creates an easy engagement within teams and organisations in the flow of work.

Leonie Rothwell/Director, Sprouta

Cherie had a sharp sense of where I was at, as a person, proceeding through the project, and was able to provide the support and guidance that I needed at exactly the right time.

Madeleine Culbert/CEO, IPAA NSW

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