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Pioneering organisational transformation for modern businesses

Are you navigating the complex waters of organisational transformation?

nextgenify is here to guide and empower leaders like you, offering a suite of organisational transformation services tailored to breathe new life into your business.

Our goal? To ensure you leave a lasting, extraordinary impact.

Expand your transformation view

The academic research is really clear that when corporations launch transformations, roughly 70 percent fail.

- McKinsey

Why do so many corporate transformations fail? Often, it’s a lack of alignment and a one-size-fits-all approach.

At nextgenify, we challenge this statistic. We dive deep into the heart of your organisation, crafting a transformation journey that’s as unique as your business.

Our organisational transformation services blend innovative approaches with proven methodologies. We guide you through a transformation experience that's as unique as your organisation, setting the stage for real, meaningful change.

nextgenify’s organisational transformation model

nextgenify's organisational transformation model covers eight zones of activity. Each zone is critical to fostering successful and sustainable change.

The model expands your transformation process to include the essential elements for successful and sustainable change.

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Transformation Model

Assess your transformation progress with our complimentary check-in

How does your current transformation strategy measure up? Our complimentary transformation check-in is your first step. The check-in gives you a clear insight into the depth and maturity of your transformation journey.

In a preliminary meeting, we'll discuss the results, focusing on existing strengths and specific transformation zones that need attention.

Contact us to explore our transformation check-in tool and start your journey towards impactful change

Our services


nextgenify rapidly strengthens your transformation strategy with innovative workshops, coaching and talks that are ready to go.

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We offer leadership consulting and organisational transformation coaching services to support upcoming and in-flight transformation projects.

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Cherie presents at leadership gatherings, workshops, panel discussions, webinars, podcasts and conferences. Her sessions spur audiences to reimagine how they work, lead and drive impactful change.

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Organisational transformation coach

If I had to describe Cherie as a consultant in a few words, they would be insightful, flexible, courteous, caring, knowledgeable and experienced.

Madeleine Culbert/CEO, IPAA NSW

Cherie is generous in spirit and her kindness makes you feel at ease and comfortable to be yourself. Her ability to understand your skills and capabilities to uplift you to new levels of understanding in a gentle thought-provoking manner to make you think differently. Giving you the confidence to believe in yourself and have a supporting cheerleader on your side to guide you.

Thena Johnstone/State Occupancy Manager Victoria, Allity Aged Care