Leadership coaching to elevate your impact

Great leaders are in a constant state of evolution. Our executive and leadership coaching programs boost your leadership approach so you can confidently step into the future.

Are you ready to step into growth and transformation? Let’s lead your business into an era of agility and bold innovation.

Shaping today’s leaders for tomorrow’s challenges

nextgenify's leadership coaching experience puts you on a path of continuous personal and professional growth.

Guided by Cherie Mylordis, a renowned leadership coach based in Sydney, you gain access to high-impact tools and participate in transformative coaching sessions.

These experiences refine your existing strengths, introduce innovative strategies, and empower you to lead with renewed vision and impact.

While nextgenify is in Sydney, Australia, our global reach means we’re flexible to your location and time zone.

Your tailored leadership coaching experience

  1. Diagnostic session: We begin by assessing your strengths and identifying areas for growth.
  2. One-on-one coaching: Targeted sessions focus on achieving your goals and crafting a robust action plan.
  3. Regular check-ins: We maintain momentum with consistent follow-ups.
  4. Access to tools: Utilise our high-impact resources to sharpen your leadership skills continuously.

Executive coaching customised to your needs

Every leader's journey is unique, and our executive coaching reflects that. We tailor our approach to match your personal aspirations and challenges.

We blend contemporary coaching methods with practical insights, ensuring your development is both relevant and immediately impactful.

We guide you through essential themes crucial in today’s dynamic business environment. From strategic foresight to innovation, we equip you to take the lead in shaping the future of business.

Explore our comprehensive leadership coaching themes

Purpose & Business Model
Leadership & Culture
Change Management
Business Agility
Strategic Planning
Strategic Capabilities
Executive Coaching Sydney

Cherie brings her global mindset, knowledge and incredible experience to every interaction. Be ready to do what you previously thought was impossible.

Leonie Rothwell/Director, Sprouta

Cherie has been an exceptional mentor and coach. She has inspired me to get out of my comfort zone and challenge myself to reach my full potential. She is always willing to share her extensive professional and life experience. I have benefited tremendously from this as well as her timely feedback.

Junhua Li/Technology Consulting Manager, PWC

I've come to know Cherie as humble, never one to sign her own praises, yet her achievements and contributions are significant. As a coach, Cherie inspires; her teams build innovative initiatives and solutions. As a colleague, Cherie enables and energises; her regular contributions on leadership, coaching and innovation-based practices elevate her fellow coaches. Thank you to Cherie for being an inspiring coach and a wonderful colleague.

Sophie Krantz/Advisor, Coach and Speaker on International Business Leadership & Strategy

Having Cherie as a coach gave us an amazing opportunity to draw on our strengths and overcome our individual weaknesses; she gave us space to self-organise which resulted in our group discovering how to get things done together.

Cherie was amazing, very supportive and has great skills to coach a team.

She was inspirational in unlocking our potential without telling us how to do it.

She always brought be into the conversation when I felt I wasn't being heard.

Cherie was timely offering advice and she brought positive insights in regards the approach and the assignment based on her experience; it is also very nice and easy to work with her, her energy makes it easy for the team to flow and get things done.

Overall evaluation: 9.6

Open Exo Advanced Coach Program participants/from Europe, South America, South Africa and Canada

I have been working with Cherie for over two years to develop my leadership skills in a coaching and mentoring space. I am a young manager who started with inexperience and sometimes self-doubt. However, Cherie has inspired me to believe in my capabilities, back myself, and challenge the self-defeating stories which kept me small.

I am very grateful to have met Cherie. She has invested a wealth of experience and is selfless in sharing tools and wisdom to help me continue growing in a leadership position. I can confidently say Cherie has helped me build my professional identity and skill set – thank you, Cherie!

Cameron Brown/Community Programs Manager, Odyssey House NSW