It’s time to rethink the future of work and stop wasting your leadership potential

Uncover the reasons leaders feel underutilised and discover new ways of working

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Do you feel like you’re not always able to do your best work? You're far from alone. Our research reveals over 60% of leaders feel undervalued and underutilised. This sentiment extends beyond leaders across teams, and it’s reached new highs since the pandemic.

The stakes are high. If you don’t act, you’re risking more than just low morale. You’re jeopardising your organisation’s future, stifling innovation and heading quickly towards a mediocre dead-end.

Rethinking the Future of Work in a Fragile World shares the findings from our research. It explores new ways of working to help you confidently chart your organisation’s future.

About the research

My extensive experience in consulting and coaching within complex organisational landscapes has shown that talented people are often held back by outdated practices.

I was curious to find out whether this was widespread and if so, how leaders were responding. So, I interviewed nearly 200 leaders from diverse industries and countries. The findings were astonishing.

  • Outdated organisational models are holding people back
  • Workplace attitudes and priorities have evolved dramatically
  • The need for impactful transformation is growing
  • It’s time to rethink the future of work

Rethinking the Future of Work in a Fragile World.

But it doesn’t end here. If you’re looking for executive advice on leading and working in a future-fit world, I’m here to help. I coach leaders to identify organisational strengths, address gaps and pinpoint focus areas.

Get in touch to discover how my Transformation and Leadership Programs can elevate essential capabilities and pave the way for sustainable transformation.

Cherie Mylordis, founder of nextgenify, work futurist coach and speaker

It's time to rethink the future of work

Our research identifies:

  • The disconnect: Traditional practices no longer meet the needs of leaders craving flexibility and meaningful interactions.
  • The evolution: A shift toward prioritising purposeful work, well-being, and rejecting toxic work cultures.
  • The urgency: The world is changing at an unprecedented pace, and incremental change won't cut it anymore. Transformation is imperative.

What leaders are saying

A must-read for anyone looking to stay ahead in today's dynamic business landscape.

Junhua Li, Business Transformation Executive

Cherie’s visionary work illuminates the essential elements for purposeful and connected work environments where wisdom, curiosity and innovation are welcome.

Thena Johnstone, Eldercare Entrepreneur

What you'll learn

  • In-depth analysis of evolving work and leadership landscapes, through the combined voice of 197 leaders
  • Strategies for aligning organisational objectives with modern needs
  • A roadmap to become a future-fit organisation
  • Insights to spur meaningful conversations about change with executive teams

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It's time to open your eyes

Ultimately the success of our organisations and the future of our planet are intrinsically entwined. The road less travelled is often challenging, but it’s also the path to remarkable breakthroughs and profound transformation.

It's time to open your eyes and venture into a new landscape of leadership and organisational potential.

What leaders are saying

We have all heard the good old saying ‘If you do what you have always done, you will get what you’ve always got’. Cherie’s white paper does an outstanding job explaining how this could be the demise of some organisations if leaders don’t take immediate action.

Betty Graham, Strategy and Business Development Executive

Cherie is leading thought-provoking research, encouraging leaders to consider what is their ‘best work’ and what needs to be done to deliver more of it! Her report is a catalyst for both personal and systemic action.

Bernie Kelly, Business Transformation Executive

Don’t let another day pass by stuck in outdated work modes

Download Rethinking the Future of Work in a Fragile World now and take the first step towards an impactful future.